Megaphone Integration

Select iHeart shows have the option for direct integration with Megaphone, allowing automatic transfer of POST content, saving you time and effort.  If this feature has been enabled for your show, just follow the directions below to activate the integration:

  1. In POST, go to Settings > Lineup Planner > Edit Defaults.
  2. Click Next until you get to Step 4 for Post Options.
  3. Click "Edit Megaphone". 


  1. You will need to log into your Megaphone account here in order to gather some necessary details.
  2. In POST, enter the Podcast Title, which is the name of the specific podcast to which you want to publish and should match what is listed in Megaphone exactly.
  3. To find your Auth Token, hover over your initials in the lower left of the Megaphone interface and click Settings. Here, you will be able to create a new token, or copy it if one already exists.
  4. To find your Network ID, on the settings page, just below your account token, there's a section called Network API URLs. Find the one associated with your podcast. The Network ID is highlighted in yellow in this example:
  5. For your Podcast ID, click Podcasts in the Megaphone navigation and locate and click on the podcast to which you would like to publish. The URL in the address bar will contain your Podcast ID. The Podcast ID is highlighted in yellow in this example:
  6. If you need additional assistance finding any of your account details, please contact Megaphone Support directly.
  7. Once you have entered all the data into POST, click Save and Done.  
  8. To automatically publish directly to Megaphone, just turn the toggle on and select the destination when publishing an episode.
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