POST: Adding a Featured Show to your iHeart website

To add an iHeart Featured Show to your station website, just follow the steps below to 1) create your POST RSS Feed, 2) submit your podcast to iHeart, and 3) Add the show to your website.

Create Your RSS Feed

Navigate to Settings > Integrations and then select Connect new feed in the RSS section.

To create a new RSS feed, follow the simple three-step process to input the necessary information.

Step 1: Add Basic Info

Enter all the required fields to provide the unique identifying information for your show.  

Step 2: Display Details

Upload a properly-sized square show image that will display in POST and on your iHeart website.  (Minimum 1400x1400px and maximum 3000x3000px.)

NOTE:  It is important to select at least one appropriate RSS category in order for your podcast to be listed correctly with podcast platforms.  Subcategories, if applicable, will help put your podcast in front of the right audience.

Step 3: Adjust Settings

Adjust any optional settings that apply and click Save publishing destination to complete the setup.

  • iHeart stations will need to enter their iHeart show ID in order to properly gather analytics for the show.
  • The RSS feed must be set to Active status if you want to publish episodes to it.
  • Choose the Publish to this destination by default checkbox if you would like this RSS feed to be available for publishing from all your Shows in POST.

After creating your new RSS, you will find it listed in the RSS section of Integrations.  Click the link icon and Copy to clipboard.


NOTE: Before submitting your RSS feed to any podcast hosting site, you will need to make sure at least one episode has been published to the feed.

Submit Your Podcast to iHeart

Next,  you will submit the new Podcast on the iHeart radio channel using this online form.   You will need to fill in all the required fields and provide the RSS feed URL that you created using the instructions above.

iHeart will notify you when they have completed setting up the show. If you do not hear from them within a week, you may want to check the iHeart radio site to see if it is ready.

Add the Featured Show to your Website

Once the show has been created by iHeart, you can import it into the "Featured Shows" section of your website.

Import the show by logging into your website's admin screen.

Click  Spark List > Scheduler > Home Page.

Then from the Home Page, click Featured Shows and select New Item.  Enter the name of the iHeart radio show that you want to show in the "Featured Shows" section of your homepage. You can also search for any show that has been created at iHeart, and click Save.

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