POST: Importing An Existing Podcast

If you have content from a previously used podcasting platform that is available via an RSS feed, you have the ability to import that content into a new or existing POST RSS feed.

Learn how in this video walkthrough or follow the steps below:

Before you start, you will need the URL of the old RSS feed.

1. In POST, navigate to the Import Content page in the left-hand menu.

2. Paste the URL of the old RSS feed into the Source RSS feed field.

3. Select the show to which you would like to copy the show information in the Destination in POST drop-down menu.  If the POST show that you are copying to has more than one RSS feed associated with it, you can copy to multiple feeds at once by selecting one or more feeds in the Destination RSS feed sub-menu.

4.  From here, you can also choose to create a new show or a new RSS feed for the content.

5. Finally, click the Begin Import button.

NOTE:  If you have a large number of files in the old RSS feed, the import process may take some time to complete.  It is safe to close the POST application once the import process is underway.

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