POST: Creating a New Show

Before you can post your content, you must create a show to house all your future episodes. Follow the steps below to create a show in POST.

TIP:  Before creating a show, visit the Setup tab to authorize your social media accounts and set up publishing destinations for your shows.
  1. From the Shows tab, click on the Create new show button. 
  2. First, you will fill in details about your new show or podcast, starting with the Title & Description. This information will display on your podcast profile when you distribute it, so use this section to help your listeners understand what your show is about. 
  3. Under Properties, you can select your preferred episode display order. Choose serial if you want the oldest episode to display first or episodic to have the newest one first. 
  4. It is important to add Contact info as it is required by many podcasting platforms to verify the source of your content. 
  5. Save yourself a step and check the box to have POST automatically set up an RSS feed for the show.  Then, click Next step.  
  6. In the Display Details section, you will begin by adding a square cover art image that will be used as a profile image in POST and on most podcasting platforms.  The rectangular image is used when sharing an image to a social media site, like Facebook or X, and on your POST web widget. 
    1. Square Image: Minimum 1400 x 1400 px & Maximum 3000 x 3000 px.
    2. Rectangular Image: Recommended size: 700 x 366 px.  
  7. Next, choose your podcast Categories. You must choose one to help podcasting platforms identify your show's subject matter, but you can add additional categories to increase your discoverability. 
  8. Optionally, you can select default Tags from your station's tag list, which will automatically apply to any episodes created for this show. These tags will appear when your episode is shared to social media and can be added or removed when publishing an episode. NOTE: New tags can be created when publishing an episode and then later added to the show settings. 
  9. Under Content Rating, indicate whether your content is explicit or not.  Then, click the Next step button. 
  10. In the last section, you will select your Publishing Destinations. Check the boxes to select the publishing destinations that you want to be available when publishing episodes for this show. NOTE: Publishing Destinations can be established in the Setup tab. 
  11. Click the Save show button to finish the process.

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