POST: Understanding Your Analytics

Understanding the key terms in your POST Analytics dashboard will help you evaluate the impact your content is having across your audience.  

Each show's information and statistics are unique. Use the Show filter menu to modify the show(s) displayed on your library's main page.
The information shown is broken down by episodes, allowing you to evaluate the performance of each show installment.
This represents the total number of listens for an episode within the selected time period (based on UTC).

A download is counted when a listener consumes 60 seconds or more of an episode (by streaming or downloading to a device) within a 24-hour period. Multiple playbacks of the same episode within 24 hours will count as one download.
This information represents the percentage of the total number of downloads for the selected shows within the chosen reporting period.

For example, if you selected three shows with the same number of downloads during the reporting period, each show would display a 33.3% Total.
This information represents the number of unique listeners determined by a combination of User-Agent (e.g., browser or application used to play content) and IP Address within a 24-hour period. (Based on UTC)
LTRListen-Through Rate is the average percentage of a show and/or episodes' total duration that listeners have consumed during the selected time period. The metric is reflective of episodes streamed and not those downloaded to devices.

Note: This is an experimental metric and does not impact (IAB) guidelines.
COUNTRYRepresents the listeners' country of origin.

POST analytics align with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards.  For more information on IAB podcast measurement guidelines, click here

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