POST: Manage Episodes

The Episodes section allows you to review a complete list of podcast episodes that have been published, saved as a draft, or unpublished.

You will see some basic information for each episode, including the publish date and length, along with the direct sharing URL to play the episode audio.   

Click the ellipsis to choose from episode Actions available:


  • Edit: Refine an episode draft by updating the audio or accompanying details.  Please note that edits to previously published episodes will take longer to update across all destinations than the first time an episode is published.
  • Download:  Choose to download an aac or mp3 file of the episode audio.
  • Unpublish: Removes your episode from your RSS feed and web widget. 
NOTE:  It can take time for podcasting destinations to detect the change and remove the episode from their platforms. To remove the content from social media platforms, you will need to delete the episode directly from those interfaces.

  • Delete:  After publishing the episode, you will see the option to remove it from POST completely.

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