New POST - Creating New Episodes

To learn how to create and publish a new episode for an existing show, watch this quick tutorial or read on for step-by-step guidance below.

Creating and Publishing a New Episode:

From the SHOWS page, you have two methods of creating a "New Episode".

Step 1 - Hover your mouse over the show you want to add a new episode and click the "+ New Episode" button, or open a particular show's page and click on the "+New Episode" button there.

Step 2 - You can upload a pre-produced episode by clicking the BROWSE button and selecting the audio file or select to build your episode from your broadcast audio in POST.

Step 3 - To create an episode from your broadcast audio, click the BUILD YOUR AUDIO FILE NOW to open the audio builder. 

Select the date and the time frame from which you want to choose your audio.

In addition, you can search audio by title, or filter audio by audio type, then filter those files by MUSIC, TALK BREAK, IMAGING, or COMMERCIAL.

Step 4 - To build your audio file, you can click the arrow on the audio file to add it to the playlist, or you can click and drag the audio file to the playlist.  You can also download the audio from here if you choose. 

Step 5 - Once you move an audio file to the playlist, you can use the pencil icon to open the POST editor to edit your audio.

 Step 6 - As you add segments, it is recommended that you SAVE periodically to prevent loss of your work if you get pulled away.  When you have finished building the episode, click SAVE AND CONTINUE.

Step 7 - From here, you can preview the episode in a player, or simply skip to the next step.

Step 8 - Next, add a title and a description for your new episode and click NEXT STEP.

Step 9 - Your default show images will display.  To customize your episode image, click the CHANGE button under the default image to upload a different image, or select a licensed image. If you do not upload or select a licensed image, the default image will appear on your podcast episode. An image is required to move to the next step.

Step 10 - Finally, select where you wish to export your podcast. Choose your station website, RSS feeds, or Social Media sites. You can also choose to create a video file of your podcast. Then, you can immediately publish the episode, schedule the episode to be published at a later date and time or save the episode as a draft.

Once you publish an episode, you can review, un-publish, or edit from the show's page.  This is also where you can download your video when it's ready.

This concludes the article on Creating New Episodes, for additional information on creating shows and episodes, refer to New POST - Shows

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