POST: Creating Basic Videos

In POST, you can create a simple video to accompany your podcast and upload it to multiple video-sharing platforms within minutes. The process for creating a video is the same as creating an audio podcast. In fact, you can do both at the same time! 

For more in-depth instructions on creating episodes, click here.

NOTE: Episodes must be 30 minutes or less to have the option to create a Basic Video.

Once you have created your episode and reached the final publishing stage, you can simply select Basic Video from the Download Video section, along with any other publishing destinations of your choice.  Click the button to Publish.

Your video will begin to publish.  This may take several minutes to process, depending on the length and the number of videos in the queue.  

Look for the video camera icon in your episode list.  Light green means the video is still being created, while dark green means it is ready to download.

Once the video is ready, click on the video camera and then the Basic button to download the file.

Congratulations!  You now have a shareable video that can be easily posted to any social media site or your station website.

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