POST Features - Using POST as a Station Logger

In addition to all the great features, you can use POST as a station logger. With POST Logger, it is possible to give the Sales Assistants, Sales Manager, Production Directors or anyone else the ability to download audio from POST, without the risk of them inadvertently posting to your station website or Social Media. Plus, POST is web based, so you can access audio from anywhere. Inside or outside the radio station.

POST Logger is good for the following: 

  • Pulling audio of live commercial reads for clients
  • Coaching sessions with on air talent
  • Monitoring multiple stations for Corporate Leaders¬†
  • Creating Air-checks
  • and more...

With POST Logger, you have access to all on air content from the last 30 days. Use the calendar function to select the date of the audio you wish to hear. This will pull all the audio from that entire day into the POST timeline, you can filter the content further by audio type.

Filter further by keyword, to download audio, add the audio segment to the playlist by hovering your mouse over the clip and clicking the +button. This places the clip into the timeline

To listen to the audio, hover your mouse over the selected clip and click the play button. This opens the audio in the POST Editor, allowing you to listen and make edits. Once you are satisfied with your edits click the Download button to download the audio in either the .AAC or .MP3 format to your computer.

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