Classic POST Features - Dynamic Ad Insertion

POST allows you to dynamically insert Pre-roll, Post-roll and Mid-roll advertising into your podcast content.  

  • Futuri offers:
    • Ad-serve software, as part of the Futuri Ad Network.  
    • Complete training and support to assist you getting up and running. For additional information click here.
  • To take full advantage of Ad Insertion UI, the software must be enabled. Our VIP support team will assist you with getting up and running.

Once you are setup with the ad serve software and the ad insertion UI has been enabled, you are ready to insert ads into your Podcasts. 

Step 1 - Traffic - Using your ad serve software, schedule your ad campaigns.

Step 2 - Marking - In the POST dashboard, as you build your podcast, you will add "markers", that will denote where in the podcast you want the commercials to run.

Note: this can also be done from within the "Browser" section of POST.

To mark ad locations in POST, you will use the "Targeted Ad" button.

Futuri Ad Network

Build your podcast by adding the selected segments to the playlist.

Adding segments

Choose a point between segments where you would like to add a commercial break. Click and hold the "Targeted Ad" button, and drag the marker to the space where you would like the commercial break to be added. 

Adding Commercials

Drop the marker, and the commercial break will be created within the podcast, you can then post your podcast as normal. Ad Serve software will automatically know where to insert the commercial breaks in your podcast.

Drop markers

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