Classic POST: Media Panel

POST allows you to upload work parts and web-exclusive audio to share online. This can be accomplished using the Media Panel, which is located on the right side of the Browser page in POST.

Media Panel

Once the Media Panel has been expanded, you can view your previously uploaded work parts in your library, or filter the parts by type if necessary. In addition, you can Upload to add audio work parts, for each upload, you will assign it a Type (Talk, Liner, Commercial) and assign a name and description.

  • You can select the Add to playlist immediately to use the audio once and never again. Otherwise, you can leave that box unchecked, and you will be able to choose the audio from your Library tab.

Note: About "Types" - There are several default types available in POST,  additional Types can be added as needed. Refer to Configuring Audio Categories in POST

Library Library-upload

Once you have uploaded your audio work part, you can add it to a playlist in order to publish online. Any item in the Library tab can be added to a playlist with the "Plus" button, in addition you can add elements from the live stream to a playlist the same way. 

  • After creating a playlist, you can either download it, play it back in the Browser, or save the project (allowing you to post the audio to your website or social media.)
  • To delete a file from the Media Panel library, hover your mouse over the clip, and click the "-" (minus) button.

Audio Clips

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