Adding a "Featured Article" to your iHeart website

This article will cover:

  • How to add content from POST to the "Featured Shows" section of your website homepage. 
  • Create and grant an RSS feed from POST Planner.
  • How to request a new show on the iHeart radio platform, and
  • Import shows from iHeart radio into the "Featured Show" section on your homepage.

POST Planner

Step 1 - Create an RSS feed for the show for which you intend to create a Podcast, then click the "POST Planner" tab located at the top of the POST screen. Click "Edit Defaults"  or select show from the calendar and click edit to get to the  POST "Options" screen.

RSS Feeds

Step 2 -  From the POST options screen, you can create an RSS feed for the show. Click "Edit RSS" feed.

RSS Feed Form

Step 3 - Enter all the relevant information for the RSS feed, and click the  "Save" button to create the feed.

RSS Feed Toggles

Step 4 - Your new RSS feed will now show up in the list of feeds, you now have ability to choose one of the feeds from the list. Select "Get URL" link next to the feed you want to post.


Step 5 - Right click and copy the URL of the RSS feed.

iHeartRadio - Submit Podcast

Step 6 - Next you will submit the new Podcast on the iHeart radio channel using this online form

Step 7 - Complete all the required fields making sure to paste in the URL for the RSS feed.  iHeart will notify you when they have completed setting up the show at iHeart. If you do not hear from them within a week, you may want to check the iHeart radio site to see if it is ready.

Featured Shows

Step 8 - Once the show has been created by iHeart, you can import it into the "Featured Shows" section of your website.

Step 9 - And finally import the show by logging into your website's admin screen.

  • Click the "Spark List",
  • Select the "Scheduler, and 
  • "Home Page"

Then from the Home Page...

  • Click the "Featured Shows", and
  • Select "New Item" and enter the  name of the iHeart radio show that you want to show in the "Featured Shows" section of your homepage. You can also search for any show that has been created at iHeart, and click "Save".
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