App Ratings Manager

The "Ratings Manager" feature can be enabled on your Futuri Mobile app to help keep your app store ratings mostly positive.

There are many reasons that a user might have negative feedback about your app (maybe they're sour about the morning show you no longer have, or maybe they've found a bug we haven't seen yet), and that type of feedback is more useful when we can collect it directly with a form like this. It's also nice to route negative feedback somewhere besides the app stores, so that users who are considering downloading the app aren't dissuaded by users with negative feedback.

When the "Ratings Manager" feature is enabled on your app, users will be presented with this screen:

What's customizable on the screen above?

  • Prompt title (i.e. "Share Your Feedback")
  • Prompt message (i.e. "Do you like this app?")
  • How many uses of the app before we prompt them
  • Number of days that a user should see the prompt at the earliest (assuming they have used it enough times as specified in the previous bullet point)

If the user taps "Yes", he/she will see the screen below, which will encourage them to rate the app in the store if they like it: