Requesting Apple CarPlay Entitlement

In order to enable Apple's CarPlay feature, you will need to fulfill Apple's CarPlay entitlement. This process must be completed by the Apple developer account admin.  When Apple approves your request for entitlement, the team at Futuri will be able to build a new version of your app with the CarPlay feature enabled.

To complete the entitlement process follow the steps below:

1. Log into your Apple Developer account here:

2. Select App type “Audio”.

3. Paste the following text in the “Tell us about your product” field:

Our radio station,(insert call letters) has a vast community of listeners who are in their cars daily.  Our listeners value the time and effort we put into our programming and mobile apps.  Our developers, Futuri Media, are entitled to CarPlay, and we are requesting our own entitlement in order for CarPlay to be included in our app. Would you please approve our request?

4. Accept the terms & conditions.

5. Apple will review and approve the request for CarPlay entitlement. 

6. Notify your Partner Success Manager or VIP Support when your request has been approved.


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