Futuri Mobile News Page

Futuri Mobile apps feature a Live News page for News/Talk/Sports stations, which integrates RSS feeds from your station website.

If your station website has an RSS feed for each vertical (i.e. Local / National / Entertainment / Business), you can add that as a Live News Category in the Futuri Control Room under Mobile App Talk Features > Live News

For each Live News Category, you can specify the Category's name within the app, its feed URL, and a 50x50 icon to be displayed in the list of Live News Categories.

You can also specify which feed will be shown by default when the user first comes to the Live News Page of the app.

The title/subtitle of the Home Screen button that links to your Live News Page can be customized in the Futuri Control Room under Mobile App > Main Menu.

Formatting Your RSS Feed

Generally speaking, your RSS feed should contain the following tags in order to be formatted properly within the app:

  • <title>
  • <link>
  • <description>
  • <media:content> (to be displayed with the story)

Images will be displayed next to each story in the list, scaled/cropped to 212x170px. When the story itself is being viewed, the image will fill the width of the user's screen, which could be up to 768px. Because of this, the ideal size for images in this feed would be 768x616.

If your article contains in-line links, those links will open in a mini-browser (contained within the app).

Futuri Mobile does NOT support or display in-line audio or video players, so we'd recommend that your stories with audio/video also contain a link under the player, so app users will see that link and can open the content in a new page.

Push Notifications

Users can choose to subscribe to Breaking News Alerts, which come in the form of push notifications.

You can create and send push notifications directly from the Futuri Control Room. This is done under Mobile App Talk Features > Push Notifications. These push notifications use our "Hot Alerts" tool. For more information, see Audience Alerts.

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