Futuri Mobile Monetization & Contesting Opportunities

There are several sales opportunities available in your Futuri Mobile app. The articles linked below will detail each of these sales assets.

  • Banner Ads - Banner ads are fixed to the bottom of the app, with positions available for Weather, Open Mic, and a Default (ROS) position. These banner ads can either be trafficked in the Futuri Control Room or through Google DFP (recommended). Click here for more information on Futuri Mobile banner ads.
  • Song Preview Sponsorship (music stations) - A piece of pre-roll audio can play before users preview song clips. This audio is typically 5-10 seconds long. Note that this pre-roll audio is NOT used before the user starts listening to the station stream, but your streaming provider can help you to traffic that type of ad instead. Click here for more information on pre-roll audio ads.
  • Social Sharing Sponsorship - Users can share their requested songs with their Facebook friends and Twitter followers, encouraging them to go back to your station website or mobile app and vote with them. The templates used in these posts are customizable, so you can add a brief sponsor message. Click here for more information on social sharing templates.
  • Audience Alert Sponsorship - Users can sign up to receive an email, SMS text, or tweet from your station when their requests are about to play, reminding them to tune back in. The templates used in these alerts are customizable, so you can add a brief sponsor message. Click here for more information on these audience alert templates.
  • Flash Contest Sponsorship - Your station can run Flash Contests to allow app users to easily enter a contest (and to drive new app downloads for the purpose of entering these contests). To keep these contests simple, the in-app sponsorship is limited to a name mention, but there is potential for greater exposure through on-air and social campaigns that support your Flash Contests. Click here for more information on Flash Contesting.

Contesting Ideas

Beyond the sales assets above, your Futuri Mobile app is ripe for creative contesting. Below is a list of some ways that Futuri Mobile apps can be used for contests:

  • Flash Contests - Send a push notification to users alerting them that they can enter a simple contest. It's as easy as opening the app and entering their name and phone number!
  • #Hashtags - Share favorite artists (can be event-specific) on Facebook & Twitter w/ #sample to win prize.
  • Get Exclusive Content - Videos, audio, pictures, contest clues, concert dates, announcements.
  • Enter to Win! - Use custom menu links or Audience Alerts inside the app to create an "enter to win" URL.
  • Open Mic Karaoke - Listeners submit Open Mic audio singing their favorite tunes. Use SoundCloud to share funny/bad ones/bloopers.
  • Secret Word of the Day/Phrase that Pays - All clues are in the app. Download the app, unlock the clue, and enter to win! You can also invite listeners to send their guesses via Open Mic.
  • What Would You Do? - Open mic us what you would do if you met (Artist).
  • Guess That Sound - Just like we have mystery word of the day, you can have audio on a menu link in the app to guess that sound, and an entry box or instructions to use Open Mic for submissions.

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