Futuri Mobile Audio Sources

This article will cover the various ways to deliver audio content in your Futuri Mobile app.

Configuring the station's main stream

When your Futuri Mobile app is first set up, you will need to provide stream URLs for both Android and iOS. These URLs should be entered in the Futuri Control Room under Mobile App > Initial App Setup before Futuri can begin to build your station's app.

Futuri Mobile currently supports the following types of stream for each device:

PlatformSupported stream types
iPhone / iPadAAC, AAC+, HE-AAC, MP3
AndroidAAC, AAC+, HE-AAC, MP3, OGG

If you change streaming providers after your Initial App Setup form has been submitted, please send your new stream URL(s) to Futuri VIP Support. We can swap out these URLs without an app rebuild, and users will be served the new stream the next time they quit/re-open the app.

Configuring secondary streams, podcasts, and other on-demand audio

If you have secondary streams, podcasts, and/or other on-demand audio (such as morning show features, newscasts, etc.), your app can have an "On Demand" page to serve as a menu for these additional audio options. For more information, see Futuri Mobile On Demand / Podcast Page.

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