Futuri Mobile Banner Ads

This article will walk through the banner ads available with Futuri Mobile apps.

While it is possible to upload basic banner ads in the Futuri Control Room, we strongly recommend using Google Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) or another platform for flighting ads to your Futuri products and other digital properties. Google DFP allows you to control how many impressions each banner receives, rotate multiple pieces of creative in the same slot, and get instant access to impression and engagement numbers.

If you're looking for banner ad metrics and your station does not use Google DFP to flight your banner ads, you can still obtain those metrics by contacting Futuri VIP Support.

Banner ad overview

Futuri Mobile apps offer several display ad banners so that individual features can have their own sponsors. All of these banner ads are 320x50 on phones and 728x90 on tablets.

  • Default - Banner that will appear on the bottom of the app on any pages that are not overridden by a "page" ad (listed below).
  • Alarm Clock - Banner that will appear on the bottom of the app on the alarm clock settings and alert page.
  • Open Mic - Banner that will appear on the bottom of the app on the Open Mic submission page.
  • Weather - Banner that will appear on the bottom of the app on the weather page.
  • News - An optional interstitial ad that will appear after every three news stories on your Live News page (rather than fixed at the bottom of the page).

Futuri Mobile apps can also support a 300x250 "splash" ad (sometimes referred to as an "interstitial") that can appear in the center of the app when it is first launched, as shown below. This ad is only supported if your station is using Google DFP to manage your banner ads.

Flighting banner ads through the Futuri Control Room

If your station does not have a Google DFP account, you can upload banners and set click-through links in the Futuri Control Room under Mobile App > Manage Ads.

If you need ads to be dayparted or to have a start/end date, Futuri VIP Support can set this up for you, but for full control over advanced ad flighting, we would recommend using Google DFP.

Flighting banner ads through Google DFP (recommended)

For more information on flighting ads through Google DFP, click here.

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