Getting Started - Streaming Player Customization

Your Futuri Streaming web player is highly customizable. This article will outline the various options available.

When implementing your Futuri Streaming player, you will be asked to provide some digital assets to promote your desired station branding using this form.  (This same form can be used if you need to submit updates to your player in the future.)

Background Style

To begin, you can choose between a player with a header display or a full background.  

Header display using an image:
Assets Needed:
  • Header image: png or jpg image 1188x352 px in size or similar aspect ratio
  • Background Hex color code for the lower portion of the screen
Header display using a color:
Assets Needed:
  • Header Hex color code
  • Background Hex color code for the lower portion of the screen
Full page background using a solid color:
Assets Needed:
  • Background Hex color code
Full page background using an image:
Assets Needed:
  • Background image:  png or jpg image 1920x1080px in size or similar aspect ratio

Player Theme

You can select additional player assets to match your station branding.  

Assets Needed:
  • Theme color Hex code for page buttons
  • 1-2 logos:  500 px png or jpg image
  • URL(s) for logo clickthrough
  • Default image to display when no album art is available:  120x120 px png or jpg image
  • Station Social Media account links/handles 

Other Player Customizations

The following articles describe further available customizations available with your Futuri Streaming player:

If you have questions about what is possible, your technical implementation team is here to help get inspired to brand and monetize your player to it's full extent!  

Linking to your player

The simplest way to link to your web player from your station's website is to use a URL like this: (where "XXXX" is your station's call letters).

If possible, we recommend using the HTML below to ensure that your Listen Live button is able to launch the player in a new window without getting blocked by pop-up blockers. Just make sure to change the XXXX to your station call letters.

<a href=“” target=“_blank”>Listen Live!</a>

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