Displaying Streaming Now Playing Data on Your Station's Website

If your automation system does not allow for a separate Now Playing export for your website, you can re-use the metadata sent to your Futuri transmitter as long as you have a web developer that is comfortable parsing JSON data.

NOTE: This integration is currently only supported for stations using Futuri for streaming. However, if you have Tether, you can embed its Recently Played feature on your site instead. Please contact Futuri VIP Support for more information.

Finding Your Streaming ID and Bitrate

First, you will need to know your stream's ID and bitrate.  Follow these steps to obtain that information.  Then, you will substitute the ID for the "XXXX" and the bitrate for the "YY" in yellow in all the URLs below.

Displaying the Current Song

This URL will allow you to display the song that is currently playing on the air:


Displaying the Most Recently Played Songs

This URL will allow you to display the 10 most recent songs received by your station's Streaming Transmitter:


NOTE:  You can adjust the number at the end of URL to display your preferred number of songs.  For instance, http://yp.cdnstream1.com/metadata/XXXX_YYk/last/3.json will display the last three songs.

Displaying Further Back

If you would like to build a more robust Now Playing feature, you can do AJAX calls on the stream. Your web developer can use a format like the one below.


In the example above, 1630440737 is the starting Unix timestamp and 1630441737 is the ending timestamp. AJAX calls for this purpose should be limited to 3600-second durations (an hour).

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