Mic Closures

Futuri POST uses mic closure logic (the same logic you would use to feed your "On Air" sign above your studio door) to trim talk breaks as accurately as possible, to make them easier to share online.

If your station will be using Futuri POST, you should have received a serial-to-GPIO adapter in the same box as your streaming transmitter. If not, please contact Futuri VIP Support.

To set up your mic closures, first connect the serial-to-GPIO adapter to the serial port on the back of the streaming transmitter. Then, connect your mic relay logic to pins 1 and 5.

If your station uses either Axia Livewire or Wheatstone Wheatnet-IP, Futuri can receive your mic closures over those networks as well. You'll need to send the following information to Futuri VIP Support so that we can configure AOIP integration for you:

  • Whether you're using Livewire or Wheatnet-IP
  • The static IP address and subnet on your AOIP network that we should assign to Eth2
  • The channel that we should listen to for audio
  • The IP address of your console (so we can listen for mic/fader activity) and the channel numbers of your microphones. We can support up to 4 microphone channels, and you should let us know the priority order of those mics.

If you'd like to start using Futuri POST right now but aren't ready to use an AOIP network yet, you can start with analog audio and mic closures, and then switch to AOIP later.

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