Raw Streaming URLs

Many stations require raw stream URLs to incorporate into their mobile apps, provide to a streaming directory (such as TuneIn or iHeartRadio), or for other miscellaneous purposes.  This article will explain how to obtain the formats that you need.

Finding Your Streaming ID and Bitrate

First, you will need to know your stream's ID and bitrate.  Follow these steps to obtain that information.  Then, you will substitute the ID for the "XXXX" and the bitrate for the "YY" in all the URLs below.

AAC Streams

There are two types of AAC stream formats available and you can use whichever is best for your intended purpose:

ICY Format


HLS Format


MP3 Streams

Futuri does not generate MP3 streams by default, but if you require one, please contact VIP Support.

Stream Bandwidth Usage

When using a raw stream URL for a mobile app, stations sometimes wonder how much data users will have to consume while listening to their stream. Fortunately, very little bandwidth is actually used by your Futuri stream.

With the High Efficiency AAC Audio codec that we use, we can get very good audio quality even at lower bitrates.

The table below outlines how much data a listener would consume based on your station's streaming bitrate:

Station BitrateData Used Per Hour of Listening

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