Futuri Streaming & POST - Rivendell Now Playing Export

This article will walk you through the Export of Now Playing data from Rivendell to your Futuri Transmitter.  

Before beginning, you will need to assign your Static IP address.  Click here for instructions on how to setup a Static IP address for your transmitter.


Step 1 -  Logon to RDAdmin and select "Manage Hosts".

Step 2 - Select the "Host" you wish to modify, and click "Edit".

Step 3 - Click the "RDAirPlay" button.

Step 4 - Select the "Configure Now & Next Parameters" button.

Step 5- Enter the IP address for your Streaming transmitter and the port 12345. In the UDP String field, enter the following:


*For clarification, the delimiting characte"r above is the pipe ( | )
VariableStands For
%ncart number
%ggroup name
%l  (lowercase L)album
%hsong length
%Nnext playing cart number
%Gnext playing group
%Tnext playing title
%Anext playing artist
%Lnext album
%Rline feed character

Step 6 - Click "OK" on the next three screens until you have returned to the "Rivendell Workstation List" screen, and click "Close".

Step 7 - Select "Manage Groups".

Step 8 - Select each group that plays on air, select "Edit".

Note: Futuri's server filters out non-music groups, however, they require these groups for proper timing of the data. You should bypass macros and other command groups that are not played on air.

Step 9 - Place an "X" in the Transmit Now & Next data field and click "OK". (This should be completed for each group that is played on the air.)

Step 10 - Click "Close" to complete the process and close RDAdmin.

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