Futuri Streaming & POST - STORQ/MonitAir Now Playing Export

The MonitAir is a tool that is used with STORQ automation system and can be used to distribute Now Playing information to various sources. This article will walk through the process of setting up a basic Now Playing export to your Futuri Streaming Transmitter, and assumes you already have MonitAir connected to STORQ. 

Before beginning, you will need to assign a Static IP address.  Click here for instructions on how to assign a static IP address to your transmitter

Step 1 - Open MonitAir and select the "Web Control" tab.

Step 2- Complete the MonitAir setup as indicated
From General Setup:
  • Enter the following port numbers (12345).
  • In the Field Separator field, enter  |  (the pipe character).
  • Enter the ^ for the "End of Stream" indicator.
  • Enter the Static IP address for the Streaming Transmitter.

Step 3 - Save your changes. These will take effect when you restart MonitAir.


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