Google Ads (DFP) Integration

While it is possible to upload basic ad inventory through your Futuri Control Room or Tether Dashboard, we strongly recommend using Google Ads (formerly Doubleclick for Publishers or DFP) for flighting ads to your Futuri platforms and other digital properties. Google Ads allows you to control how many impressions each banner receives, rotate multiple pieces of creative in the same slot, and get instant access to impression and engagement numbers.  Google Ads Integration is available for Futuri Mobile, Streaming, or Tether.

There are four steps to setting up a Google Ads integration for your Futuri platform:

Step 1:  Create a Google Account

If you do not already have one, you will need to create a Google Ad Manager or AdSense account to manage your ad inventory.  For more information, click here and to create a new account, click here.

Step 2:  Set Up Ad Units

Each ad position on your Futuri platform(s) will correspond to an inventory ad unit in your Google account, so you'll only need to create an ad unit for each position once.  

Use the grid below for suggested ad unit naming conventions and the locations and dimensions of each ad. 

To learn more about how to create ad units in your Google account, click here.

NOTE: Your station may not need all of the positions below. Check with your program director to find out which Futuri platform(s) your station uses.


Ad TypeAd Unit (replace "WABC" with your call letters)Dimensions
Voting Window Banner AdWABC_tether320x50 (unless your voting window is embedded at a wider width, in which case you'll choose dimensions that fit the width where you've embedded your voting window)
Interstitial Banner AdWABC_tether_banner320x50  (unless your voting window is embedded at a wider width, in which case you'll choose dimensions that fit the width where you've embedded your voting window) 

Futuri Mobile

Ad typeAd Unit (replace "WABC" with your call letters)Dimensions
All app pages other than those listed belowWABC_Mobile320x50 and 728x90*
Open Mic PageWABC_Mobile/Open_Mic320x50 and 728x90*
Weather PageWABC_Mobile/Weather320x50 and 728x90*
News Page (News/Talk stations only)WABC_Mobile_News_iPhone320x50
Preroll Video**N/A640x480
Splash Ad (displays at a 30-minute interval when app opened)WABC_Mobile_Splash300x250
*NOTE: When two dimensions are noted, 320x50 is the default display size required.  However, for optimal display on phones and tablets, you can flight creative in both sizes.  

Futuri Streaming

Ad typeAd Unit (replace "WABC" with your call letters)Dimensions
Banner AdWABC_StreamDesktop728x90
Video Pre-Roll**WABC_PrerollVideo640x480 (for video), 728x90 (for optional companion banner)
**NOTE:  For more information on video creative requirements, please review Google's guidelines.

Step 3:  Enable Google Ads in Your Futuri Product

Once you have created your ad unit(s), locate your Google Publisher ID (typically a long string of digits found in the Admin section).  Then, follow the applicable directions below to input this information for your Futuri product(s).


In the Tether dashboard under Manage Widgets > Manage Ads.  Fill in your publisher ID and ad unit in the fields provided and click Save.


In Control Room, navigate to Mobile App > Manage Ads.  Enter your publisher ID and the ad units for any of the ads as you plan to use.

IMPORTANT:  To enable video pre-roll, you must also provide the VAST Ad Tag URL for that ad unit to Futuri VIP Support.  To learn more about VAST ad tag URLs, click here.


Simply, provide Futuri VIP Support with your Publisher ID, Ad Units, and VAST Ad Tag URL (if applicable).

Step 4:  Traffic Ads to Your Inventory

Finally, you are ready to flight your creative in your Google account so that it may display on your Futuri platform(s).  For more information on trafficking ads, click here.

Once these steps have been completed, you should see the ads appear on your Futuri platform(s) within about an hour (it takes some time for Google's web servers to propagate).

For troubleshooting and ongoing support with your Google account, see Google Ad Manager Help.

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