Futuri Streaming & POST - AudioVault Now Playing Export

This article will walk you through how to set up a basic Now Playing export to your Futuri Transmitter from Audiovault.  

Before beginning, you will need to assign your transmitter a Static IP address. Click here for instructions on how to assign a static IP address to your transmitter.

The Now Playing exports from Audiovault are handled through TRE+.  These instructions assume that your station already uses TRE+ for other Now Playing exports, for example (RDS).  If you do not already have TRE+, contact BE support for additional information.

TRE Config screen
1Open "TRE Config" and confirm you are in the station's tre.bin file. If not, contact BE support for assistance.
2From "Licensed Features", select Futuri.
3Check the "Enabled" option under POST Streaming to activate this export.
4Enter the Static IP address of your Streaming transmitter in the "Destination" field, and the Port 12345.
5Save and close "TRE Config", and restart TRE.

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