Advanced Automation Integration - Now Playing from Simian (Futuri Streaming)

This article will walk you through the Export of Now Playing data from Simian version 2 to your Futuri Streaming Transmitter.  Before beginning, you will need to assign your Static IP address.  Click here for instructions on how to assign a static IP address to your streaming transmitter.  

Step 1 - Pause anything currently playing, go to "Tools>Program Options" and navigate to the "Options Dialog.


Step 2 - Select the "Metadata" tab and complete the ...

Step 3 -  Check "Metadata 1" or "Metadata 2", if "Metadata 1" is already in use.
  • You will need an XML template, which may be obtained by clicking here, select the ... button and locate the template.
  • Enter the Static IP address of the streaming transmitter in the IP address field.
  • Set the port number to 12345.
  • Select the UDP radio button option at the far right.
  • Confirm that the "Used Exclude Categories is not checked.
  • Click "OK" to save the options.
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