Futuri Streaming & POST - NexGen Now Playing Export

This article will walk you through the setup of a basic Now Playing export to your Futuri transmitter from NexGen.

Before beginning, you will need to assign your transmitter a Static IP address.  Click here for instructions on how to set up a static IP address for your transmitter.

The Now Playing export from NexGen to Futuri can be setup on any machine that has NexGen. (Administrator login only)

Step 1 - From NexGen's main menu, go to Config and click "Station" to select the station you are integrating with Futuri.

Step 2 - Click the "Export" button.

Step 3 - Complete the export information.

  • Mark the export as "Active" and assign a name.
  • Choose "XML" as the format and "TCIP" as the output.
  • From Types of Export, select (at least) "Songs and Spots". If you are also using Futuri POST, you will generally want to export additional types as listed.
  • From Other Options, select "Export the next 2 event(s)".
  • Check the boxes for "Truncate milliseconds from length" and "Remove Header".
  • From Standard Format Settings, complete the drop-down fields.  (lead text is not required)
  • From the TCP-IP Settings, the Port should be 12345 if your station uses a "Single Stream Transmitter", and 900X (where X is the stream number 1,2,3, or 4) if your station uses a "Multi-Stream Transmitter".  Check with Futuri VIP Support to confirm which port(s) to use.
  • From TCP-IP Settings, the IP Addr should be the Static IP address of your streaming transmitter.

Step 4 - Once you have configured this "Now Playing" export, Click "OK". You will need to restart NexGen on the Aserv in order for the changes to go into effect. However, it will not be necessary to restart the entire computer, therefore this task can typically be completed within the time frame of a single song.

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