Advanced Automation Integration - Now Playing from Center Stage Live

This article will walk you through the setup of a basic Now playing export to your Futuri Streaming transmitter, using Center Stage Live, or CSRDS as a tool from Arctic Palm that can be used to distribute Now Playing information from various automation systems. Before beginning, you will need to assign your transmitter a static IP address. Click here for instructions on how to set up a static IP address for your transmitter.

Step 1 - You will need an XML template for CSRDS, which you can download by clicking here. Save the XML template to a folder where it can reside indefinitely.

Step 2 - From within CSRDS, select Tools>Properties

CSRDS/Tools Screen

Step 3 - Choose the "HD/IP Output" tab, and complete the relevant information.

  • Enter the Static IP address of your streaming transmitter, and port 12345. You can also enter this as the "Backup IP/port".
  • Choose UDP.
  • Under the Output Format, choose "Use Template".
  • Under Merge Template, choose Browse and navigate to the csrds.xml that you downloaded in Step 1.
CSRDS Properties Screen

Step 4 - Click "Save" and "OK" to close the window and save your settings.

Step 5 - Click "F5-Start" to re-activate CSRDS.

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