Tether - Takeover Jock Page

Stations utilizing the Takeover feature have access to a Jock Page so that live presenters can follow along with the queue.

You can find the Jock Page in the Tether dashboard under Voting > Jock Page.

Program Directors - If you need a limited-access version of the Tether dashboard for your presenter(s) to access, please contact Futuri VIP Support.

Just Played / Now / Next

The main section of the Jock Page will display what has Just Played, what's Playing Now, and what's Playing Next in the queue. When there are about 60 seconds left before the end of the currently playing song, the "up next" song will lock into place.  It will flash when there are 10 seconds left in the current song.

In the Queue

Below the Playing Next area, you'll see the top songs in your station's queue at the current time.  Songs in the Playing Next area and in the queue on the Jock Page have several options available, which should be used sparingly so that legitimate requests can play and separation goals can be followed:

Unlock & RefreshAppears in the Playing Next section once a song has "locked" and is ready to be played next. Clicking this button will allow the song to unlock, and if there is a new #1 (based on votes or separation goals), that song will lock into place instead.
Early LockAppears in the Playing Next section before a song has "locked" and forces that song to lock into place (so that it doesn't get bumped from the #1 spot). This can be useful if the presenter has show prep or a call ready to go with this particular song.
Force Down/Down OneAvailable in the Playing Next section or in the queue, these options push a song down one or more positions.
Make NextPushes a song to the top of the queue. If the currently playing song still has a few minutes left to play, you may also want to hit "Early Lock" after forcing a song next. 
Jock SepPushes a song to the bottom of the queue.

Each song will also be displayed with its current LDR%, which is a score that combines positive/negative votes as well as your station's separation goals.

Also in the queue section, you can click Most Loved or Most Hated to see the songs that have received the most positive or negative votes this hour. This can provide some talking points when encouraging listeners to participate during the show.

Jock Separation

Your station likely has separation goals in place (specified by the Program Director) to ensure that a good mix of songs plays during your Takeover feature. With the Jock Page, you can also separate additional songs temporarily with the Jock Sep button.

On the right side of the Jock Page, you'll see a Jock Separation section, which will tell you what your station's Jock Separation time window is set to, as well as how many songs are currently pushed down by the Jock Sep button. You can click the Clear All button to allow all of those songs to flow naturally again.

Additionally, in the main queue, you can see which songs have goals against them or have been Jock sepped in the Sep. column. To remove Jock Sep from an individual song, simply hover over the arrow on that song and click Remove Jock Sep.

Jock Sep will be enforced for 30 minutes after forcing a song down, but if you need to adjust your station's Jock Sep window or have any additional questions about the goals being enforced against your playlist, please contact Futuri VIP Support.

Force Next Song

Futuri VIP Support can enable a song search window if you'd like to be able to search the entire queue for songs to force next. This is off by default, but Program Directors can contact Futuri VIP Support to turn it on.

The feature is fairly straightforward; you'll search for a song that is available for voting, and hit "Force Next" to make it the #1 song in the queue. This feature should be used sparingly to allow legitimate requests to play.

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