Interactive Song Ratings

Interactive Song Ratings is a feature that allows users to enter some basic demographic information (age range and gender) the first time they participate with Tether. Going forward that age and gender information is then associated with any votes the user makes for any station using Tether.

This feature is designed to be an unobtrusive, "set-it-and-forget-it" way to collect informal music research from your audience.

This feature can be enabled in the Tether dashboard under Statistics > Music Research.

We use the industry-standard "pop score" to determine a research result for each song, as follows:

Action:Pop Score:
Love (Alert Sign-Up)+1.5

You can easily filter results by age or gender, and you can choose whether to include ALL votes (i.e. voting sessions and requestable votes), or just simple "like" / "dislike" interactions.

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