Opting In and Unsubscribing From Song Alerts

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Most countries have laws in place that require SMS marketing messages to be opted-into, and each message must contain a clear way to unsubscribe. Similar requirements are in place for email marketing in most places. Because Futuri's Song Alerts can be considered marketing messages, our system makes every attempt to meet these requirements with email and SMS Song Alerts.

Opting Into Song Alerts

We have a double-opt-in for SMS alerts, which addresses anti-spam regulation for both the US and Canada. The first time a user signs up for a Song Alert via email or SMS, an opt-in message will be sent to that contact email/phone number telling him/her that someone has attempted to sign up for alerts using that contact info. That message will have an opt-in link that must be clicked, and if the link is not clicked, no further messages will be sent to that account.

We have found that some users sign up for alerts and then discard the opt-in message, not realizing that they have to click it in order to receive future alerts. Because of this, each Futuri product's Manage Alerts tool will display a "Re-send Confirmation" link if the user has not opted in after 24 hours. If you need to have a confirmation message re-sent to a contact sooner than 24 hours after the last attempt, Futuri VIP Support can assist.

Unsubscribing from Song Alerts

At the end of each email and SMS Song Alert, an unsubscribe link will be shown. Even if you've modified your alert templates in the Tether dashboard and have removed the unsubscribe link, our system will perform a check before sending the message and will add the unsubscribe link to the end of the message before sending.

Both email and SMS subscribers can click this link in each alert, and it will take them to a page where they can un-check individual alerts they no longer wish to receive or unsubscribe from all alerts.

SMS users can also reply to SMS messages with STOP to unsubscribe from all messages from Futuri.

Twitter opt-ins and unsubscribing

At this time, Twitter users do not have to opt into Song Alerts. Twitter alerts are @-replies, but they are still public tweets, so opt-in links would theoretically be clickable by any user. As a result, opt-in links are not sent, and Twitter users are automatically opted in.

Twitter users can unsubscribe from alerts using the "Manage Alerts" button in your station's Futuri product(s).

If you find that users are routinely taking advantage of this system, we can set a Twitter blacklist of users who are not allowed to be sent Twitter alerts. Please contact Futuri VIP Support with questions about this.

Privacy Policy

Each Futuri product contains a link to our privacy policy, but you can also find it here if needed.

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