Integrating Tether with your Digital Platforms

This article is part of the Tether QuickStart Guide.

Once you have determined a strategy for integrating Tether into your station's programming strategy, you'll want to deploy Tether tools across all of your station's digital platforms in order to maximize exposure.

Here is a digital checklist for implementing Tether:

Configure the look & feel to match your brand

You can configure the look and feel of Tether to match your strategy and color scheme. Click here for information on configuring your Tether modules!

Embed Tether on your website

During the onboarding process, your Partner Success Specialist or a member of our Futuri VIP Support team will email your station's Tether embed code, which can easily be copied into your station's website.

If you're an iHeartMedia station, you may find this article helpful when implementing Tether into your site template.

Place Tether in your mobile app

If your station has a Futuri Mobile app, Tether will automatically be integrated into your app. If you have a third-party mobile app, you can either add a "custom menu link" that will link to the mobile-friendly Tether URL, or you can check with your app developer for a way to include Tether in your mobile app. Your Partner Success Manager or our Futuri VIP Support team can provide a URL to include in your mobile app.

Connect your social channels

Tether voting sessions can be posted on Facebook or Twitter and will link back to your station's site to vote. This is a great way to grow the social reach of your voting sessions and bring users back to your station website to participate. Click here for more information on posting voting sessions to Facebook and Twitter!

Embed Tether in your streaming player

Many streaming providers allow you to customize the streaming player that desktop users access when listening to your station online. The same embed code used for your station website can also be used for your streaming player.

If you are a Futuri Streaming partner, click here for more information about customizing your player tabs.

Add an Alexa Skill for your station

If your station isn't already on Amazon's Alexa platform, Futuri can work with you to launch a skill that brings your brand to these popular voice-control devices. Click here to learn more about Alexa skills!

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