Sharing Songs on Facebook and Twitter

This article outlines the way users can share songs on social media with Tether and Futuri Mobile apps, as well as how you can customize the templates used for these posts.

With both products, users can share their requested songs with their Facebook friends and Twitter followers, encouraging them to go back to your station website or mobile app and vote with them. These posts drive unique traffic to your station website and grow your brand's "Social Reach" on these networks.

These products each have separate song share templates, allowing you to tailor the call to action and sponsor messaging for each product separately.

General Information on Song Share Templates

Below is a list of the placeholder tokens that can be used in these share templates:

%sStation name
%l (lowercase "L")Link back to the station website
@sStation Twitter handle (only valid for Twitter shares)

The following things are generally true when sharing songs on Facebook:

  • The share description text is not editable by the end-user.
  • Facebook shares will link to one place (typically your station website), and any other links will not be clickable.

Facebook shares contain a graphic, which should be at least 200x200. If you would like the graphic to display "hero-style" (i.e. above the text instead of next to it), it should be 615x300 (or larger, as long as it has the same aspect ratio). The difference in layouts is illustrated below:

The following things are generally true when sharing songs on Twitter:

  • The user can edit the sharing template before posting the Tweet.
  • Tweets must be 140 characters or less with all replacements. Keep in mind that some song titles will be longer than others and that users will be more likely to trim the original template if it's over 140 characters.
  • It's a good idea to include a link back to your website from this template.
  • If the Twitter share template is left blank in the Futuri Control Room, the system will use the Facebook template instead.

Tether Song Share Templates

Tether share templates are managed in the Futuri Control Room under #engage Look & Feel > Playlist Options.

Before they can be used, you will need to complete the steps to authorize your Facebook and Twitter accounts for use with this feature.

Futuri Mobile Song Share Templates

NOTE: The information below applies only to stations whose mobile app was built by Futuri. If you have embedded your Tether window into another developer's mobile app, the templates and behavior will match what's already been described above.

In Futuri Mobile apps for music stations, each song has a share button, where the user has the following options:

  • Share on Facebook - posts as a "link" status on the user's timeline
  • Share on Twitter - posts as a tweet on the user's timeline
  • Open Mic - allows the user to record a short audio message to send to the radio station

The text configurations for Facebook and Twitter shares can be found in the Futuri Control Room under Mobile App > Social Integration.

Before they can be used, you will need to complete the steps to authorize your Facebook and Twitter accounts for use with this feature. 

If your station has Tether in addition to your Futuri Mobile app, those voting features will also appear in your app, and will pull from the same templates that you've configured for Tether

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