Tether Banner Ads

This article provides an overview of flighting banner ads with Tether.


While it is possible to upload basic banner ads in the Futuri Control Room, we strongly recommend using Google Doubleclick for Publishers (DFP) for flighting ads to your Futuri products and other digital properties. Google DFP allows you to control how many impressions each banner receives, rotate multiple pieces of creatikve in the same slot, and get instant access to impression and engagement numbers.

If you're looking for banner ad metrics and your station does not use Google DFP to flight your banner ads, you can still obtain those metrics by contacting Futuri VIP Support.

Tether offers a 320x50 banner ad, which can either appear between every 7 song rows or fixed to the bottom. If your voting window is wider than 320px, you may want to provide a banner ad that is larger to prevent upscaling.

If you would like to change the threshold of song rows that it takes for a banner ad to appear (or if you'd rather just fix the ad to the bottom of the voting window), please contact Futuri VIP Support.

Flighting Banner Ads Through the Tether Dashboard

If your station chooses not to use Google DFP, banner ads can be uploaded in the Tether dashboard under Manage Widgets > Manage Ads.

If you need ads to be dayparted or to have a start/end date, Futuri VIP Support can set this up for you, but for full control over advanced ad flighting, we would recommend using Google DFP.

Flighting Banner Ads Through Google DFP (Recommended)

For more information on flighting ads through Google DFP, click here.

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