Tether Look & Feel Configuration

The look & feel of your Tether platform can be customized in your dashboard for seamless integration with your station's website. Create a rewarding first-load experience for the Tether platform to highlight and focus on the features most important to your station!

To customize the way your Tether platform looks, navigate to #engage Look & Feel > Module Configuration in the Futuri Control Room. If you need Control Room credentials, please contact Futuri VIP Support.

Each module has the following configuration items available:

  • Title - This is the user-facing title that appears in the colored box at the top of each module. Remember, a CLEAR title is better than a CLEVER one.
  • Type - By default, you will have one of each module type in your Tether platform. You cannot have multiple modules of the same type.
  • Color - The color will be used in the title bar of the module and as the theme color for all song actions and other buttons used within that module. To select a custom color, use the built-in color picker, or enter a hex value.
  • Expanded?- Showcase the modules you most want to drive users to by customizing the first-load experience. Users can always expand/collapse modules after the page loads.
    NOTE: If the voting window is loaded when your station is in an active voting session, the "What Should We Play" module will be expanded, even if it is normally configured to be collapsed.
  • Items shown on load - Customize the amount of real estate each module gets on first load by setting how many items to tease out when the Tether platform opens. You may want to use this customization to strategically size the Tether platform on your website “above the fold” in prime position for users to engage with. Most modules also have action buttons to “see more” after the initial load.

    The items in question will vary based on which module type you're configuring:
    • Song Alerts: How many pre-suggested song alerts should be shown?
    • What Should We Play?: How many songs from the playlist should be shown?
    • Discussions: How many comments in the active thread(s) should be shown?
    • Recently Played: How many recently played songs from the playlist should be shown?
    • Coming Up: How many upcoming artists should show?

In addition to customizing each individual module, you can also re-order modules using the Up / Down / Remove buttons on the right side of the page. Removed modules can be re-activated at a later date, using the New Module button at the bottom of the page.

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