Allowing GSelector to Export Media Codes for Tether Commands

If your NexGen station’s Tether's breaknotes all have the (wrong) media code in the left column of your music log export, your voting sessions won’t trigger in NexGen. Here’s how to fix that issue.

Make sure your Tether breaknotes are configured as "Breaknotes"

Check under Clocks > Breaknotes to make sure that your Tether breaknotes exist there. Your breaknotes should have media codes as listed below (but your station may not have all of these breaknotes, if you don’t use all of these features).

#engage Breaknote elementFeatures using this elementMedia Code
UPickStartUPick voting sessions, Stylized voting sessions20
Begin Song ReplacementTakeover, Countdown, Top Song, FaceOff
End Song ReplacementTakeover, Countdown, Top Song, FaceOff
Begin Top SongTop Song
End Top SongTop Song
Begin FaceOffFaceOff
End FaceOff NextFaceOff
LDR Vote Options StartUPick Voting Sessions, Stylized Voting Sessions09
LDR Vote Options EndUPick Voting Sessions, Stylized Voting Sessions
Empty Song SlotTakeover, Countdown, Top Song, FaceOff81

Each breaknote that you use should have a checkmark next to it, indicating that it is in an active clock.

You'll also want to make sure there are no OTHER (non-Tether) breaknotes in this list...or that if there are, each of those breaknotes also should have a media code established (in the far-right column).

If your #engage breaknotes are NOT under Clocks > Breaknotes, they would be in Linker. If this is the case, you’ll need to create Breaknote versions of each, and then replace the Linker breaknotes in each active clock(s) with the Breaknote version.

Configure your export to include the correct media codes

Now that you've ensured that your breaknotes have the right media codes, you'll need to configure GSelector to export those media codes to NexGen.

Under Interface > Export > Schedule:

  • There is a tab called Automation Type (in the left column). In that tab, the Breaknote value should be blank (it’s probably 04 right now).
  • In the right column under Format > Breaknotes, there may be an Automation Type value, but that can be removed, and then you can add a field (with the green plus sign) called Media that is in Column 1 and has Length 2.
  • Once those changes are made, save this page (top left) and export a test log to make sure the breaknotes have the right media codes.
If your Format > Breaknotes section is not configured, set it up to match the pattern used under Format > Songs. If you're not sure how to do this, contact RCS Support.

Correct the incorrectly formatted elements in today's NexGen log (if needed)

If you need to modify NexGen for today (or another already-scheduled day), you can use the "Add Other Events" menu in NexGen to insert the correctly formatted elements. The media codes you specified in GSelector correspond to the following NexGen element types:

GSelector Media CodeNexGen Element
20Export Comment
81Empty Song Slot

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