Tether - Sending Logs to Futuri with Full GSelector & NexGen Integration

In some cases, NexGen stations don't generate flat text files of their logs from GSelector. In those cases, any change made in GSelector or NexGen is automatically communicated to the other program.

In these cases, there is not a flat text file of the day's log for Futuri's Echo program to monitor. Without this log file, certain Tether features may not be able to work (because we're unable to see what's "coming up" in your system.

If this applies to your station, there is an easy workaround to ensure that your music log makes it to Futuri.

Setting up the export

You'll want to navigate in GSelector to Interface > Export > Schedule and create a new Schedule format.

From there, specify the path where the logs should be saved. This will match the folder configured in Echo.

Under Style, choose Fixed Offset, check the 60+ Minutes Per Hour box, use ANSI encoding, and be sure that the Date Range is set for a full day's log.

On the right under Song > Format, set the fields as shown in the screenshot below.

You will want to do the same for your Link and/or Breaknote elements, depending on where you have saved your Tether breaknotes during your clock setup with Futuri's Partner Success team.

Running the export

In order for Futuri to receive your log, you'll need to push it from GSelector after scheduling each day. This should only take about 30 seconds each day.

To push the log from GSelector to Futuri after scheduling your log, simply navigate back to Interface > Export > Schedule and make sure the correct date(s) are selected. Then, click Export Schedule, and you're done!

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