NexGen Integration Overview - for Futuri Mobile & Tether

This article is part of a series on NexGen.

Tether and Futuri Mobile integrate with several automation systems, including NexGen 2.10.2 or higher. This series of articles is generally geared toward your station's IT/engineering staff, but it's a good idea for program directors to be familiar at a higher level with this information too.

There are three basic pieces to integrating NexGen with Tether and Futuri Mobile:

  • Now Playing information - Song elements and Export Comments will be configured to export from NexGen to Futuri.
  • Voting session integration - NexGen has built-in integration for Tether, and we'll configure NexGen to communicate with our system for this information.
  • Music Logs- We'll install our software, called Echo to watch the folder where your station's music logs are saved. These music logs are used for two primary purposes:
    • Voting Sessions - Depending on the voting feature your station uses, music logs help to tell Futuri what the vote options should be (or to see what songs should be used for separation purposes).
    • Instant Alerts - Users can sign up to receive alerts when their requests are about to play on your station. Futuri's system compares what your station is playing now with what's scheduled in the near future so that we can send these alerts ahead of when the request actually plays (so there's time for the user to turn on the radio).

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