Tether - Adding an Artist Field to GSelector Log Exports

If your station uses Tether "UPick"-style voting sessions and your music log text file does not contain an artist field, Futuri's system will match your vote options with the artists we have on file for those songs, to ensure that the song displays correctly in your Tether voting window.

However, if you haven't played a song before, it may not be in Futuri's system. When this happens, the artist field in your Tether voting window may be blank for these new songs.

The most foolproof way to make sure that your vote options ALWAYS contain the correct artist, we would recommend adding an artist field to your music log exports.

NOTE: These instructions are designed for GSelector stations. If you use a different music scheduler and need to add an artist field to your log export, please contact your music scheduler's support team for assistance.

In GSelector, navigate to Interface > Export > Schedule then click Song > Format. Click the + symbol to select Artist.

The Artist field will be added to your Song Format card and automatically added as the last element. In the screenshot below it’s Offset as column 54 with a character length of 25, but your GSelector should automatically generate whatever Offset/Length you need. You can increase the Offset of the Artist field by 1 or 2 characters to make it easier to read on the output file, but you don’t have to.

If you use the Log Format Assignment Grid, rinse and repeat these steps for each different log format you use. Be sure to SAVE your changes (GSelector should ask).

It shouldn't be necessary to make any changes to the IMPORT process in NexGen after adding this field. NexGen will just ignore the field.

Once you have exported a log with this new format, please contact Futuri VIP Support so that we can make sure our system is set up to read that new artist field.

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