Managing Playlists in the Tether Dashboard

This article outlines how to upload and schedule playlists in the Tether dashboard.  These steps are generally not necessary if you're using an autopop playlist.

After generating your playlist, log in to the Tether dashboard. For instructions on how to complete the playlist export from your automation system, click here.

Once you’re logged in, perform the quick steps below:

1. Click Voting > Playlist Management.

2. Enter a Playlist name.

3. Click Choose File to select the playlist from your computer.

4. Then, click the Upload button.

5. Change the active Status of your lists, as necessary. If you want the new playlist to go live immediately, set the status to Active by clicking on the green checkmark icon under Actions.  To deactivate any lists that should not be live, click the crossed circle icon under Actions.  You can have multiple playlists active at a time, and you can also delete lists that are no longer needed using the trash can icon under Actions.

6. If you’re going to use different playlists at different times, use the Create Schedule Playlist section at the bottom.

7. Select the desired playlist from the drop-down menu and then set the start day and time. Click Save.

8. You'll be able to see your Week At A Glance scheduled on the right-hand side.

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