Song Preview Audio Sponsorship - for Futuri Mobile & Tether

Futuri Mobile and Tether support a piece of pre-roll audio that plays before listeners preview song clips. This audio is typically 5-10 seconds long and must be an mp3 file.

Note that this pre-roll audio is NOT used before the user starts listening to the station stream. Contact your streaming provider for help adding pre-roll audio to your stream. If you use Futuri Streaming, you can find more information about those sales assets here.

When the user taps the "play" icon next to a song, the pre-roll audio will play, followed by a 30-second song clip.


Managing Song Preview Pre-Roll Audio

Pre-roll audio is managed in the following locations in your Futuri dashboards.

Where to Upload Audio
TetherTether Dashboard > Manage Widgets > Manage Ads
Futuri Mobile
Control Room > Mobile App > Manage Ads

When you upload your pre-roll audio, you'll also be able to set the Mode (i.e., how often the file should play).

Most stations set the Mode to "Once Per Browser Session" to avoid listener fatigue with the sales asset, but you can choose to set the sample to play before every sample or before every "X" samples (where you determine the value of "X").

If the Mode is set to "Once Per Browser Session," this will only count completed plays. If a user stops playing the pre-roll before it completes, it will play the next time the user previews a song.

If your station has multiple Futuri products, you can upload different audio clips for each product, or you can upload the same audio clip in each product's dashboard. Although Futuri Mobile apps can integrate your Tether voting features, the pre-roll audio used in those apps will always pull from what's uploaded under Mobile App > Manage Ads.

For pre-roll ad metrics, please contact Futuri VIP Support.

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