Alexa Skills FAQ

What is a skill?

  • Amazon's voice service is called Alexa. Much like your phone has an "app", your Amazon devices (Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Tap, Echo Show, etc) have skills. Users interact with their Alexa enabled device via skills.

  • Skills can be "default" - meaning they come pre-enabled on your Alexa device, or they can be "custom". Custom skills are searchable in the Alexa Skills Store and offer a more robust feature set. Futuri builds custom Alexa skills for stations.

Are Futuri custom Alexa skills free for Alexa users?

  • Yes, Futuri custom Alexa skills are free for users to enable and interact with on their Alexa -enabled devices.

How do I enable a Futuri custom Alexa skill?

  • To enable, you have three options:
    • Search for the skill name & enable
    • Open the Alexa companion app on your mobile device, search for the skill name & enable
    • Say "Alexa, enable [skill name]"


Once my skill is enabled, how do I use it?

Using a wake word, Alexa begins listening for your commands



Skills have invocation names. When intending to interact with a specific skill, use a phrase to invoke the skill by its name. 

Alexa… + Play WGR


Skills have sets of features/abilities that you can access simply by asking. Until you are familiar with a skill's abilities, use Help or Options voice commands to hear what a skill can do. When you know what features are available, ask for your specific course of action. 

Alexa… Open 96-5 The Buzz play today's Church of Lazlo

Prevalence of Voice Technology

What's possible today?

  • A personal assistant anywhere in your home...


In the kitchen: Alexa, how many tablespoons are in a cup?


During your morning routine: Alexa, what is my flash briefing?


  • Entertainment anywhere...


Alexa, open 96.5 The Buzz and listen live


Alexa, Play WGR 550


  • Fast, personalized shopping...

Alexa, order paper towels


Why is early adoption important?

  • Amazon Voice Services team is growing the Alexa software everyday, focusing on conversational-type dialogues that are natural for listeners to achieve their desired end results

  • Having branded and sponsored station content available anywhere in the home increases tune in occasions and grows your brand visibility

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