Top Song Overview

Top Song is a feature of Tether that allows listeners to compete with one another in real-time to push their favorite songs on the air. This feature allows your station a chance to get real-time data from your listeners, on what they like and what they don't, in an interactive atmosphere.

Users can also share their favorite songs on Facebook or Twitter, encouraging their friends to vote with them to get those songs played. In addition, users can sign up for alerts via email, SMS, or Twitter when their requests are going to play, so they never miss their favorite songs on your radio station!

Programming Ideas

At a designated point in time (usually either the top of the hour or the beginning of along music sweep), the winner is played back on the air as that hour’s “Top Song.” Some successful programming ideas for Top Song include:

  • Pick the hottest song in [CITY] this hour!
  • [ARTIST] is our Artist of the Week, so pick the [ARTIST] song we play at the top of this hour!
  • It’s Throwback Thursday, so pick the throwback song we play this hour!

To hear aircheck examples of stations using Top Song, click here or see the Soundcloud player below.

Setting up Top Song

For more information on Top Song, see the following articles:

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