Updating the BIOS for Gen4 Single Streams

Some Gen4 Single Stream Transmitters (SST) models require a BIOS update to enable the ability to automatically power back on after a reboot or loss of power.  If Futuri indicates that the update is needed for your equipment, you can follow the instructions below to install it.

You will need:

  • A USB stick formatted in FAT16 or FAT32
  • A copy of the new BIOS - which can be downloaded here (FTUR-SST-V03_r01.zip)
  • A keyboard and monitor attached to your SST.


  1. Download the BIOS files from the link above and unzip them on your PC.
  2. Copy the BIOS files to your USB stick.
  3. Connect the keyboard and monitor to your Single Stream Transmitter (SST).
  4. Insert the USB stick into an open USB slot on the SST.
  5. Power off your SST by holding the power button.
  6. Restart your SST by pressing the power button.
  7. As soon as the SST restarts, press and hold the F2 key on the keyboard.  You can release the key once the bios menu appears.
  8. Using the arrow keys, arrow over to "Advanced" on the BIOS menu.
  9. Arrow down to "Instant Flash" and press Enter.
  10. Select the IMB1551.80M and press Enter.
  11. Wait for the BIOS to update.  IMPORTANT:  DO NOT TURN OFF THE SST until the update is complete.
  12. Once the update is complete, press Enter to restart the SST.  You can remove the USB drive at this time.

Your SST should reboot and your stream and/or feed to POST should be restored.  If you wish, you can test the BIOS update by disconnecting and then reconnecting the power to the SST.  The box should now automatically restart.

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