RadioPlayer Integration with Your Futuri Stream: What You Need to Know

As always, Futuri VIP Support is here to make your streaming life as easy as possible. Here, you’ll find instructions for listing your stream with RadioPlayer, as well as some things we recommend you keep an eye on once RadioPlayer launches to ensure that your listeners are getting a quality streaming experience with your station.

Listing your stream with RadioPlayer

To list your stream in the Radioplayer you will need to login to the Radioplayer Station Control Panel. This process is documented here:

Within the Station Control Panel, you will find 2 pages - one for entering Mobile Stream information and another for Desktop Streams. You can fill these in as per the pictures below - replacing WXYZ with your station's key (which you can find in your desktop streaming player's URL, in the format

Your Player

Web address of your web player:

Mobile Stream

Primary mobile stream (48kbps - aac):
High quality mobile stream (50kbps - aac):

Your Streams

Main desktop stream

HLS for Flash:

Fallback and alternative streams

AAC/MP4 for Flash:
AAC for HTML5:

Continuing your streaming success

The introduction of RadioPlayer is a major move for the Canadian market, and we’re happy to help with your stream’s transition to that player. To help ensure your continued success, we wanted to give you a bit of background on technology and recommend some key metrics to monitor post-transition.

Futuri Streaming’s average session length (ATSL) outperforms the competition across a wide range of different markets, station sizes, and formats, and one big reason is that we prioritized creating an office-friendly platform. And the Futuri player uses a new technology called Media Source Extensions (MSE) that was pioneered by Netflix. This helps us provide a smooth, buffer-free experience, even on bad internet connections.

Moving to the RadioPlayer player, which is built in Flash and HTML5, may impact your session length. For example, HTML5 Audio was designed specifically for playing short sound effects, not for long-running live streams. When used for long listening sessions, HTML5 Audio often cuts out, buffers, or skips. 

We strongly recommend keeping an even closer eye than usual on number of unique listeners and time spent listening, and an even closer ear on your stream. Many transitions and new launches have some bumps along the road, and should this happen, you’ll want to have the data to help pinpoint any issues you may encounter with the RadioPlayer player. 

As always, Futuri Media is committed to work with you and your partners to deliver the best possible experience. Our Support team is here for you 24/7 for any issues you encounter or questions you have. You can contact us at 877.221.7979 x1 or

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