Blackout Programming

If your station carries professional sports or other programming that you're not licensed to stream, you can "black out" your Futuri stream for a specific time frame.

There are 2 ways to facilitate blackout audio:

  • Use an audio switcher locally and have it switch the audio input going into the Streaming Appliance at pre-scheduled times. We recommend this method, as it gives the most flexibility (for example, you could configure it to use separate "filler" programming during blackout times). This capability is part of Arctic Palm's CSRDS program, for example.
  • Futuri VIP Support can schedule a blackout for you during specified times. Simply email Futuri VIP Support with the dates/times you will need your stream to be blacked out. You can send these times as far in advance as you'd like, and our team can implement a last-minute blackout with 12 hours' notice.

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