POST - Stream Engineering - Gen4 Transmitter Interface

This article will cover the multiple features that are available to you on the "Generation 4" transmitter interface.

Gen4 Transmitter Features:

  • The Omnia 3 Processing "On/Off"
  • The Mic Closure "Status"
  • IP configuration information
  • The "Now Playing" log
  • The "Single Station" reboot
Omnia 3 Processing Control
Audio Processing Control
Mic Status Icon:

ATTN: The "Mic Status" icon will display as "RED" when the mic is live.
Mic Status Icon
IP Information Tab:
From the "Diagnostic Menu" click gear/tools icon to navigate to the "IP Info" tab, this will display the IP configuration information for the encoder.
Diagnostic Menu
Now Playing Log:
Clicking Station Settings then "Raw MetaInput" will display recent Now Playing information received by the encoder.
RAW MetaInput
GPIO Mic Status Log:
Clicking Station Settings then "Mic Status" will display the recent GPIO information received by the encoder.
Mic Status
Single Station Reboot:
Clicking Station Settings, then "Reboot Station" will display the REBOOT button for that station.
  • Clicking the REBOOT button, will reboot the "Virtual Machine" for this station only.

Multi-Stream Encoder:

  • Clicking the REBOOT button will NOT reboot other stations.
Reboot button

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