TopLine Personality Prep

TopLine’s Personality Prep is a one-page report that gives you insight into a decision-maker’s behavioral style when they’re in buying mode.  This is exceptional intel for prospecting, so you can adjust your style to your prospect’s style – craft any outreach so it resonates with them, separate yourself from the competition, and get the appointment sooner.  It starts with a LinkedIn URL and is turned around in one business day.

Personality Prep is based on the DISC behavioral methodology and uses 36 points of analysis to determine someone’s behavioral style when they are in buying mode within about 85% accuracy.

Requesting a Personality Prep couldn't be simpler!  Just fill in the details shown here and submit.

NOTE:  A LinkedIn URL is required to complete this request.  We use LinkedIn for two reasons – we want to know what the decision-maker is like in a business setting and LinkedIn is the one social media where you don’t have to be connected to someone to access their profile.

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