Futuri Streaming Best Practices


Best Practices

Listen to your stream. Make it a point, every day, to have someone on the staff tune into the stream.

Is it on? How is the user experience? How is the quality? How do your commercial breaks sound (too many PSAs?, tight re-join)?

Promote your stream on the air, on your website, on social media, mobile app (if you have one). Sell the benefits. (No signal issues or transmitter power issues.) Make it easy for a potential audience to find and listen to you, wherever they are.

Stream-only promos. Create promos that are exclusive to your stream.

Reference at work listening. Promote your website, social media, podcasts and station app. These listeners are already online. Use the opportunity to drive them to your other digital assets.

Don’t be afraid of stream-only contesting. Produce a call-to-action and give those who are listening online an exclusive chance to win.

Online listeners should be able to enter via email, text, mobile app or social media

Branded Player

Best Practices

Customize your Futuri Streaming player by adding a station logo and a background image - this is an easy way to enhance your brand.

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Digital Revenue

Best Practices

You can have a video commercial or an audio commercial automatically play when a listener plays your stream. The ad can also be hyper-linked to your sponsor’s website. Manage the pre-roll content with a free Google DFP account, or directly from the Futuri Control Room.

Branded naming rights for your stream offers a great option for a client. Inclusion on streaming player (and mobile app), as well as in on-air promos, can help sales maximize the opportunity.

Banner ads are also an easy way to monetize your Futuri streaming player.

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